Corporate Incentives, Meetings & Charters


Now for the fun stuff: lawn games, casino tournaments, and pool volleyball — to name just a few. Enjoy a wide range of engaging activities designed to keep you on your toes and unleash your competitive spirit.

The Casino

The Casino offers a sophisticated, smoke-free ambience. Our casinos rival the biggest and best, with custom limits and better odds across a variety of games.

Trivia Contests

Challenge your knowledge on a variety of topics with our modern, interactive approach to trivia contests. Activities range from daily trivia to full-on game shows and trivia tournaments.

Fun for All Ages

Bring the kids — our exciting youth and teen programs keep everyone smiling during your voyage. There’s Camp At Sea for younger kids, and the Teen Club for teenage cruisers — all supervised, so grown-ups can enjoy peace of mind.

Lawn GamesLawn Games

Join a friendly pick-up game of croquet, bocce, putting, BlongoBall, or Baggo. Come to the Lawn Club—yes, that’s real grass—on Celebrity Solstice® Class ships.

Video GamesVideo Games

Guests can try their hand at virtual bowling, tennis, boxing, darts, Xbox One S®, KinectTM programs, and other interactive games.


Brush up on basketball, ping-pong, and golf putting skills. Then join in for fun-filled tournaments.

Pool GamesPool Games

Get wet and have fun playing pool volleyball with ships’ officers, taking part in interactive pool games, and plenty more.

Silent Disco

Celebrity’s Silent Disco is a party like no other. As a live DJ works the turntables, the music is beamed wirelessly to your high-tech headphones. Everyone who wears them is connected to the rhythm and bonding through the beat, while everyone else hears nothing but silence.

Dancing with the Stripes

Partner with an officer to compete in different dance styles with live music — and survive the elimination rounds. A panel of judges votes on couples until a winner is proclaimed.

SAFE Archery

Put your skills to the test with SAFE Archery. Whether you’re an archery pro or have never picked up a bow, this program offers a brand new experience!

WWF Walk for Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are home to 25% of the world’s sea life, and they are under threat around the world.

Walk with Celebrity today, and the proceeds from the sale of every t-shirt and plushie will fund WWF’s global ocean conservation efforts to protect species like coral.

Outdoor Adventures

Enjoy our exciting arsenal of outdoor activities; brush up on your ping-pong and golf-putting skills, join a friendly game of croquet or bocce at the Lawn Club, or play pool volleyball with the ship’s officers.

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Taste 5Taste

Consider yourself a foodie? Want to become a wine connoisseur? We have several activities to satisfy your passion.

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Learn 2Discover

There’s no better time to learn something new than while you’re on a Celebrity ship.

Starn here

After all their event activities, guests can relax and revive with all things “wellness.”

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