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Corporate Incentives, Meetings & Charters


Sailing the Galapagos Islands for more than 13 years, we know what it takes to deliver award-winning experiences in one of the world’s unique environments, with six itineraries, 15 islands, 35 ports, and 22 all-inclusive options. Choose from three ships, from 16 to 100 guests each, perfect for groups and charters.


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Sailings & Itineraries

7 Night Galapagos Northern Loop

Date Port Arrive Depart
2021-10-02 Baltra (galapagos) - 15:00
2021-10-02 Black Turtle Cove (santa 16:00 18:00
2021-10-03 Rabida (galapagos) 07:00 11:00
2021-10-03 Egas Port 15:00 18:00
2021-10-04 Tagus Cove (isabella) 07:00 11:00
2021-10-04 Espinoza Point, (fernandina) 14:00 18:00
2021-10-05 Urvina Bay (isabella) 07:00 10:30
2021-10-05 Vicente Roca Point 14:30 17:30
2021-10-06 Bartolome Island 07:00 11:30
2021-10-06 Las Bachas, (santa Cruz) 14:30 17:00
2021-10-06 Daphne Island 18:00 19:00
2021-10-07 El Barranco (genovesa) 07:00 11:45
2021-10-07 Darwin Bay (genovesa) 14:30 18:00
2021-10-08 Puerto Ayora (santa Cruz) 08:00 18:00
2021-10-09 Baltra (galapagos) 08:00 -
7 Night Galapagos Northern Loop voyage map

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7 Night Galapagos Inner Loop

Date Port Arrive Depart
2021-10-03 Baltra (galapagos) - 14:30
2021-10-03 Daphne Island 17:00 18:00
2021-10-04 Egas Port 07:00 12:00
2021-10-04 Rabida (galapagos) 15:00 19:00
2021-10-05 Elizabeth Bay 07:00 12:00
2021-10-05 Tagus Cove (isabella) 15:00 19:00
2021-10-06 Sullivan Bay (santiago) 07:00 12:00
2021-10-06 Bartolome Island 13:00 19:00
2021-10-07 Las Bachas, (santa Cruz) 07:00 12:00
2021-10-07 North Seymour Island 13:00 21:30
2021-10-08 Puerto Baquerizo (cristobal) 07:00 12:00
2021-10-08 Punta Pitt (san Cristobal) 15:30 18:00
2021-10-09 Puerto Ayora (santa Cruz) 07:00 19:00
2021-10-10 Baltra (galapagos) 07:00 -
7 Night Galapagos Inner Loop voyage map

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7 Night Galapagos Northern Loop Cruise

Date Port Arrive Depart
2021-10-09 Baltra (galapagos) - 15:00
2021-10-09 Black Turtle Cove (santa 16:00 18:00
2021-10-10 Sullivan Bay (santiago) 07:30 10:30
2021-10-10 Bartolome Island 14:00 16:30
2021-10-11 Urvina Bay (isabella) 08:00 11:00
2021-10-11 Tagus Cove (isabella) 15:00 17:00
2021-10-12 Espinoza Point, (fernandina) 07:30 11:30
2021-10-12 Vicente Roca Point 15:30 18:00
2021-10-13 Egas Port 07:30 11:00
2021-10-13 Espumilla Beach (santiago) 15:00 18:00
2021-10-14 Puerto Ayora (santa Cruz) 08:00 18:00
2021-10-15 El Barranco (genovesa) 07:30 11:45
2021-10-15 Darwin Bay (genovesa) 14:30 18:00
2021-10-16 North Seymour Island 06:00 07:00
2021-10-16 Baltra (galapagos) 08:00 -
7 Night Galapagos Northern Loop Cruise voyage map

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The Wildlife of The Galapagos

Discover evolutionary wonders such as the Blue-footed booby, Darwin’s finches, land and marine iguanas and flightless cormorants with expert guides showcasing what makes them special in the animal kingdom.

A Truly All-Inclusive Experience

When you join us on a voyage of discovery in the Galapagos Islands, we provide everything you’ll need. We’ve made your vacation all-inclusive, making your trip as convenient, relaxing and memorable as possible.

Among the perks included on every Celebrity Galapagos cruise:

Gourmet dining onboard featuring locally sourced cuisine

All drinks onboard including beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks, coffee, teas and bottled water

Twice-daily guided excursions

Galapagos Glamping

Sleep under one of the most spectacular night skies in the world.

Reward your team with a once-in-a-lifetime camping experience on the top deck of the luxury yacht – introducing the new Galapagos Glamping experience on Celebrity Flora. Indulge in exclusive campfire-inspired culinary delights – from cocktails to carefully selected wines to s’mores – under the millions of stars above.

Celebrity Shore Excursions

Your team has thousands of activities to choose from and enjoy, from luxurious customized experiences to thrilling outdoor adventures.

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Pre- and Post-Travel Experiences

With our expansive list of vacations in the Galapagos Islands provide comprehensive, all-inclusive packages you will find something to satisfy every type of modern explorer.

Leaving the World a Better Place

When you love traveling the planet as much as we do, being its steward is paramount. We are passionately focused on preserving our environment and are proud to partner with worldwide organizations that are equally as passionate.

With the creation of The Galapagos Fund, we give our guests the opportunity to have a direct and lasting impact on the preservation of the rare and species-rich marine, wildlife, and plant ecosystem of The Galapagos. Since 2006, Celebrity and our guests have contributed over $1.5 million to this fund and other projects in the islands.

We’ve done so much to leave these islands virtually untouched that Ecuador’s Secretary of Tourism holds Celebrity Cruises as the standard of excellence for reducing our carbon footprint.