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6 Types of Corporate Events & Which is Right for Your Organization

Whether you want to celebrate your company’s year-end goals or are looking to network with other industry leaders, different types of corporate events offer ways to meet new people, connect with employees, promote your brand, and reward performance within the company.

But before organizing your next company event, it’s important to know the differences between corporate events and which one might suit your company best. From sprawling conferences to intimate corporate parties, here are the six most common types of corporate events.

6 Types of Corporate Events & Which is Right for Your Organization


Conferences provide great networking and educational opportunities for corporations and their employees. This type of corporate event is usually centered around one specific industry, topic, or group. For example, a conference can focus on digital marketing, the future of the organic beauty industry, or female-founded businesses. They typically last anywhere from a day up to a week.

Corporate conferences usually include one keynote talk, often delivered by an industry expert, as well as several other panels that can run simultaneously. These panels can feature speakers with knowledge in a variety of topics, as well as Q&A sessions and lectures by industry leaders.

Conferences also usually include a happy hour gathering or extended lunch, in order to allow attendees to meet and network with other industry professionals.

While this type of corporate event has many wonderful benefits for employees, it’s important to keep in mind that they do require a large amount of planning and coordination beforehand. Therefore, consider hosting your next conference in a corporate event venue that can both accommodate a large group of people and one that has several different event spaces so you can host different panels and events at the same time.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are large-scale events that feature several different companies and brands that want to showcase their products, typically within the same industry. At these trade shows, each company sets up a booth and promotes their latest line of products or services to suppliers, salespeople, and other consumers interested in purchasing their goods.

If you’re considering hosting a trade show, start by securing a large venue that will allow you to host a wide variety of industry participants. Aside from the event space, you’ll also have to consider booth sponsorships rates and whether or not to add a keynote speaker at the beginning or end of the event.

While trade shows do not typically include a lunch or cocktail hour, they generally do include some form of refreshments, as well as nearby dining options for when attendees need to refresh and refuel in between browsing.

Corporate and Incentive Retreats

Celebrate your company’s achievements and its star employees with an unforgettable corporate retreat. Corporate or executive retreats are a type of incentive travel program in which a company event takes place during a trip, where employees and executives are offered time to rest and relax.

Corporate retreats are a great way to motivate employee performance and reward them for their impressive achievements throughout the year, since these types of corporate events usually take place in a desirable location. While you can schedule a few work-related events during a corporate retreat, the main goal is to give your attendees the opportunity to unwind, engage in fun activities, and discover a new destination.

If you’re tasked with planning your company’s next retreat, make sure to choose a spectacular destination for your event. By selecting a desirable travel location, you’ll motivate employees and directors to work harder at achieving the company’s goals in order to secure an invitation to attend the next corporate retreat.

Aside from the destination, keep in mind that you’ll also have to plan accommodations, transportation, catering, and entertainment options for your guests. Therefore, it’s best to choose a premiuvenue that features on-site restaurants, entertainment venues, and lodging, in order to simplify the planning process and allow attendees to enjoy their time at the retreat as much as possible.

Team-Building Events

Team-building events are an easy and entertaining way to build confidence and morale within a company’s workforce. These types of corporate events help employees connect and get to know one another, which in turn boosts employee satisfaction and helps achieve your company’s end goals.

If you’re planning a team-building event, look into hosting it in an airy setting, preferably somewhere outdoors, where employees will feel like they are far away from the office. Organize fun events that are centered around getting to know one another better and promoting leadership skills within corporate groups.

Successful team-building retreats usually include a friendly competitive event—consider adding anything from a sports game to a karaoke singing competition—as well as a focus on employee wellness. Therefore, consider fitting in a meditation or yoga session into the schedule as well.

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Product Launches

Launch your company’s next big product during a memorable corporate event that will help build anticipation and excitement around its release. Depending on the scope of your product, you can either host a small meeting with employees to introduce the new product, or host a big launch party to announce its upcoming release to the world.

Product launch events typically include company employees, loyal customers, and members of the media, which helps promote and generate hype around the company’s new product.

Depending on your company’s goal and budget, you can throw a fun corporate event that includes drinks and snacks, as well as entertainment like a live musical performance or keynote speaker.

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Company Parties

Celebrate the holidays or an important company milestone by hosting a company-wide party. Treat your company’s workforce to a festive bash, where they’ll be able to relax and have fun with their coworkers.

Some companies host their holiday parties or milestone events in the office, but it’s always more enjoyable to host a party in a different venue than an employee’s daily work setting. If you want to host your company party off-site, consider throwing the event at a venue that includes catering and bar staff.

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