Corporate Incentives, Meetings & Charters

What Is Incentive Travel?

Incentive travel is defined as a trip designed to motivate, incentivize, and reward employees or business associates. This type of trip could range from being given to one individual, all the way up to large group awards made available only after certain targets have been met throughout the year.

You can use incentive travel as a team-building experience, networking opportunity, or simply as a reward for those who’ve earned it. Get the formula right, offer a suitably enticing award and the concept of incentive travel will contribute towards your team being motivated to achieve ever-higher targets.


Who Is Incentive Travel Best For?

Incentive travel is best for companies that want to reward their employees for a job well done, or for meeting targets. Incentive travel is perfect for companies that don’t necessarily want to reward employees exclusively with cash benefits, but still want to make sure every employee feels recognized and appreciated.

Incentive travel trips should be highly cost-effective at scale, thanks to competitive corporate pricing, and experientially rewarding in a way that other gifts or bonuses may not be. The benefits of an exotic trip, often with a chance to bring a partner, are intangible, too; employees feel a sense of bonding with one another and a feeling of being valued by their employer.

What is incentive travel at its core? A high-value, cost-efficient way to reward your employees with a luxury experience that builds relationships, loyalty, and team spirit.


Why Should You Implement an Incentive Travel Program?

The reasons for incentivizing your employees are endless from a business perspective, and incentive travel is simply a great tool to do it efficiently. Incentive trips for employees offer a unique way for them to travel and explore new places. Customized events and experiences take travel beyond the ordinary. An incentive trip allows employees the time and freedom to bond with their peers outside of work without distractions or interruptions.

Running a successful business involves a lot of variables, and keeping your teams motivated is one of them. Setting company goals, individual goals, and benchmark anniversaries go hand-in-hand with keeping your team focused and in line for success. Incentive travel offers a  great way to thank your employees for what they do, and celebrate their success together. It’s also a great perk for hiring new employees, particularly when company incentive trips reach legendary status and are talked about with anticipation.

Incentive travel is perfect for corporate groups, distributor meetings, board-level events or individual prizes. It can really be used for any reason, and can be scaled to fit both large and small groups when needed. Celebrity Cruises offers a wide range of exciting itineraries all over the world that are ideal options for companies wanting to offer a high-value, luxurious award.


Why Should I Choose a Cruise for Incentive Travel?

A cruise is a popular choice as an incentive award among companies worldwide, for many reasons. A premium cruise is a unique experience, giving guests the opportunity to see many different exotic destinations in one single trip.

Cruises also provide an elevated setting that rivals any of the best hotels, while offering all sorts of opportunities for customization and further rewards. On a Celebrity cruise ship, there are opportunities for meals in exclusive venues, private cocktail events, tailor-made shore excursions, and, if required, a meeting element in a private function room. Add in calls at some of the most glamorous and exciting ports on earth and you have a tremendous reward with which to motivate your team.


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How Do I Plan an Incentive Travel Trip With Celebrity Cruises?

Incentive travel with Celebrity Cruises is cruising at its finest. It’s an immersive, exciting, adventurous experience that will make lifelong memories for your team. You can expect service at the highest level, as well as a dedicated event manager to ensure that your whole experience runs flawlessly, leaving you, the host, time to bond with your team and colleagues.

We have dedicated teams to help you plan your itineraries and events, create custom-designed shore excursions, manage budgets, and add in extra levels of recognition for your top performers, from spa treatments to suite accommodation.

The first step in planning your incentive group travel is to think about what you’re looking for. A short getaway to the Bahamas, with minimal impact on work time? Or the trip of a lifetime to the Galapagos for your elite performers? Experiences ashore, or private dinners and parties on board? For a big event, you may even want to consider a private charter of one of our ships.

Once you’ve identified the purpose of your incentive trip, your budget and the size of your group, it’s time to start planning. Choose between more than 300 destinations worldwide, and over 3,000 different shore excursions. You’ll find cruises year-round, so finding dates will be flexible and convenient to you. 

We offer a wide variety of elevated staterooms, all of which are meticulously appointed and beautifully designed, offering the service level of a world-class hotel. Dining options range from casual poolside fare to dining experiences. Whatever the award you have in mind, we can find the perfect fit on any one of our premium, modern ships.

What is incentive travel to us? It’s a way to help businesses say “thank you” to the hard-working people for making it happen on a daily basis. It’s a way to share the unique reward of travel with those who’ve earned it the most. To learn more about our incentive travel programs, contact us here or call us at 1-800-722-5934.